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Searching for a competent and trusted partner for your web development projects? Do not fall for cheap and (sometimes) overrated outsourcing, some projects need hands-on expertise. We, as UwSoftware have experience in leading and creating custom-made frontends and backends for web based projects. Javascript, html5, angularJS, Backbone, Laravel, Drupal, Grunt, SASS and RequireJS are only the beginning of our knowledge.



Drupal frontend

Drupal is a free, open source content management system, used by many companies. It provides a system for creating advanced, editable websites such as blogs, calendars, forums, polls, etc. All modules are maintained by either an active community or a backing company. Though fitting your house style or implementing a theme designed by a designer isn't point and click. Our company has the experience in turning designs into drupal theme implementations.

Quality assurance

As web projects are growing more complex, automated testing and tooling are becoming necessary. On production this can improve reaction time and in development this prevents regressions and differences between browsers. Our team has knowledge about Selenium, webdriver, automated error crawling, taking visual diffs for regression testing and many more. Contact us for getting your project in shape.

Laravel development

Laravel is rapidly becoming the de-facto framework for creating webbased applications. This framework imposes best practises and reduces the time to market for web projects. Together with backbone, marionette, raphaeljs and bootstrap, a modern responsive web application can be created. So Laravel is the best tool for your project. Have your own project? Get in contact with us.

Cloud hosting

As the world grows more globally, web applications get more visitors. Going viral means you have to easily scale up your application. By using cloud hosting you can easily scale vertically and horizontally and only pay for what you use. Another big advantage is that you can cut in infrastructure maintenance expenses and quickly turn around when a tool fails. Get a quote for your project now.


iMinds Learning Platform

As project leader, we advice iMinds in the technical implementation for the Drupal platform. We collaborate with their internal developers as well with other external companies. The project is based on the Drupal CMS and used UX designers to increase the usability of learning platform. Some features of the platform are integration with learning analytics (xApi), LTI, Dropbox for submitting assignments, Youtube integration, OAuth login, quizzes and Jury feedback of groups.

Job: Project management - Quality control - Release management - Open source participation
Skills: Drupal - Omega 4 - Selenium

AreWeFastYet hosting

As part of our open source vision, we assist by hosting some parts of the arewefastyet.com website. Firefox is a fully open source browser that tries to challenge giants as Google and Microsoft at creating a better browser. With limited funds they create a very good browser. With the arewefastyet.com website firefox tries to track their performance difference with the other browsers. We are gladly helping them.

Job: Open source participation - Cloud hosting

iMinds Learning Analytics

This tool provides a datastore for learning events. By visualising the data with dashboards and charts, it is easy to track the progress from the students in the course. This is very useful in combination with blended learning. The tool is based on Laravel and uses the modern stack of MongoDB, jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, grunt, backbone and nvd3. We helped the client in deciding the software stack and also implementing the software. We had the pleasure to cooperate with Monkeyshot for usability.

Job: Software development - Open source participation - Cloud hosting - Release management
Skills: Laravel - MongoDB - jQuery - Bootstrap - SASS - Grunt - Backbone - nvd3 - raphaelJS


An easy to use POS system optimized for retail stores. Because of the focus on the core features and usability, you can use it without a manual. The system is a web-based system that is accessible from everywhere in the world and automatically creates backups in the cloud. It can also sync the products between several installations, keeping it easier to maintain a large inventory. We build and maintain the system with a monthly priced license.

Job: Project management - Quality control - Release management - Security management - Cloud hosting
Skills: PHP - Bootstrap - Less - jQuery - MySQL

SFEER online shop

SFEER came to us with a challenge. Next to a nice looking website with a rural atmosphere, they also wanted to explore the idea of an online shop. The shop is an extension of the local store, that shows the full collection of their suppliers. The challenging part was creating the sync as there is no API defined and the collection has to be synced by website indexing techniques. The client is very pleased with the work as it relieves them from the maintenance of more than 10.000 items.

Hosting - Website design - Webshop development

Dancelot student management + website

Dancelot is a dance school with many students. They asked us for a better way to keep track of their subscriptions and payments. We build them a custom online webbased tool for managing the subscriptions, lessons, payments and also tax/income reports. Because the tool was webbased, we went the extra mile, and coupled the online registration form with the tool. Now a lot of administration is done automatically.

Hosting - Website design - tool development

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