Educational software

While the technology advances at a fast pace, employees have to catch up and learn those things. We are going to an world were we have to learn constantly. UwSoftware delivers technology to improve and streamline those learning processes.


In coorporation with EITDigital and Inno Energy, the blendify learning environment was created. Highly focused on providing blended learning with an ease of integration. It has been adopted inside EITDigital, Inno Energy and University of Ghent

Learning Analytics

We invision learning analytics as a 3-step process. Gathering data, visualise data and using the data. Most solutions stops and step 2, but getting to the last part, gives you automatic learning paths, gamification, improve learning experience automatic. Our solution is a highly customised xAPI store that enables the ‘use’ part.

Scorm analytics

SCROM packages are used as building blocks for courses. But this systems has one downside, it doesn’t has learning analytics. We transform the scorm package, so it has learning analytics

Compagnies using our technology / expertise

USW bvba – – BTW BE0.500.980.056 – HQ Brussels – since 2012